Working Papers

Inflation at Risk (2019)  with David López-Salido.

Versions: CEPR Working Paper

Assessing Macroeconomic Tail Risk (2019)  with Christian Matthes and Donghai Zhang.

Versions: FEDS Working Paper, FRB Richmond Working Paper

The Effect of Oil Price Shocks on U.S. Investment: Size Matters (2018, under revision)

On Identification Issues in Business Cycle Accounting Models (2017) with Pedro Brinca and Nikolay Iskrev.

Has the Fed Responded to House and Stock Prices? A Time-Varying Analysis (2017) with Knut Are Aastveit and Francesco Furlanetto.

Versions: Norges Bank Working PaperBanco de España Working Paper, featured in The Wall Street Journal Central Banking Edition

A New Keynesian Perspective on Total Factor Productivity via Production Networks (2017) with Nicolás Castro Cienfuegos.

Other Papers

Idleness, Returns to Education and Child Labor with José Raimundo Carvalho and Emerson Marinho, Revista Brasileira de Economia (RBE), Fundação Getúlio Vargas, vol. 66(4), pages 405-427, Oct.-Dec, 2012.

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