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Senior Economist

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Division of Monetary Affairs

Macro-Financial Analysis Section

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Fields: Macroeconomics and (Bayesian) Macroeconometrics

You can contact me here.  (Pronouns: she/her/hers.)

I serve as Associate Editor at the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

About Me

I am a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Board, where I work on policy analysis and longer-term research on the interaction between financial market conditions and economic activity. In particular, my most recent research focuses on quantifying and understanding macro-financial linkages in the context of macroeconomic risk. Previously, I analyzed and projected equipment and intangibles investment for the staff forecast in the Household and Business Spending Section of the Division of Research&Statistics.


I obtained my Ph.D. from the European University Institute. During my graduate studies I visited the University of Chicago and interned at Norges Bank and the European Central Bank. I co-taught classes on advanced modeling and macroeconometric methods to economists in academia, central banks, governmental institutions and the private sector. I developed and contributed to statistical toolboxes for macroeconomic forecasting (F.I.T.) and the assessment of quantitative business cycle models (BCAppIt!).

Disclaimer: Views presented on this webpage are solely mine and do not reflect those of the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Reserve System or their staff.

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